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Bedroom Makeover For Older Adults

When you begin to think about how to modify a room for an elder, keep in mind that it does not have to be only a hazard free area. You can make subtle changes and the result will be a nice, safe and comfortable room which does not look elderly. No one thinks of himself as being old.

Keeping Clutter to a Minimum

The rooms used mainly by elders must be clutter free, with stable furniture, without sharp edges and positioned in low traffic area; also these rooms must have good light. Don’t use chairs or heavy armchairs in the bedroom.

Creating Easy Access to Beds for the Elderly

The bed is a frequently used area in the bedroom. A big problem for every older adult is getting on and off the bed because their common height is inadequate. To solve this problem, you have a few options: you can add another mattress, add bed extensions, place the bed on elevation blocks or buy an adjustable height bed. Never use water beds. Fairly firm mattresses are the best choice for elders.

Bathroom Safety for Elderly

Many accidents in the bedroom are caused by difficult access to utilities. Older adults require bathroom usage more often than people of other ages. The bathroom must be near the bedroom and no obstacles or furniture should restrict the access to its door aged care. Night-lights should be installed on the way to the bathroom. It’s also a good idea to have a portable toilet or a urinal in an end table by the bed.

Convenient Phone Access in Bedroom

Other frequently used objects are: a phone (preferably cordless) or an emergency response system and a cane or a wheel chair. The phone is more than just a way to seek help. It also brings a nice feeling of security for the owner, especially if he/she lives alone. The cane or the wheel chair are very useful during the night to avoid accidents caused by dizziness.

Lighting Requirements

In the bedroom at least one light source must be easy to reach. We recommend a bedside lamp or a reading lamp and a flash light (do not use candles!). Another very good option to solve the lighting problem is a remote control switch.

Floor Coverings

Many accidents are caused by the bedroom floor. Remove the sliding rugs or secure them to the floor. Try to avoid the usage of throw rugs and make sure the edges of carpets are secure. If you don’t have the floor carpeted, use only nonskid wax or don’t use wax at all.

Furniture Safety Requirements

Almost every bedroom has a chest of drawers. But how can we choose the right one? First check the handles and the doors. You should try to avoid chest of drawers with heavy doors, sharp edges or difficult to grab handles. The doors must open easily, without taking to much effort. Make sure the chest of drawers has easy to reach shelves, drawers and hangers. (Note: Never store heavy object on top of the closet)

Accessible Entryways

The room’s door is a high traffic area. It must be wide enough to allow easy access, especially for wheel chairs. If the owner has vision impairments it’s a good idea to paint the door with a contrasting color.

Environmental Needs

Older adults are very sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. Keep the bedroom well ventilated and at a constant temperature. To achieve those goals you can install an insulating system and an air conditioner, but keep the bed out of the airflow.

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Anything that stresses the body causes mental Illness, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ADHD

Do you believe in yourself?Do you still have faith in God? 

A medical technologist with extensive knowledge in biochemistry, I am not a holy roller, but I am a truth-teller. Several of my articles dihydrocodeine are published by ethical doctors, but you won’t find this information on the front pages of newspapers because the truth is that the media is controlled.

Four years ago, in my first book, I documented how caffeine causes miscarriage. It took 4 years for the information to make it to TV, and someone else was credited with my findings.

Anyhow, in 1999, a doctor made a huge mistake. He tried to convince me that I had bipolar disorder, which is a made-up disorder. Atheists made-up mental illness. Several weeks later, an Irish doctor diagnosed me with caffeine allergy. I had been physically ill and misdiagnosed for 24 years. I recovered and wrote Welcome to the Dance, the first book about caffeine allergy and caffeine psychosis.

Then, several years ago, I experienced Parkinson’s disease. I wouldn’t take levodopa (L-DOPA), a stimulant, because it would have made me sicker. Again, I opened my organic chemistry books, and I researched. With support from my doctor, I treated myself, and I recovered.

I discovered that there is a second gear system in the body. The stressed body INTENTIONALLY shuts down dopamine production. It is the body’s way to protect itself.

Oppression, stress, FDA approved toxins in our foods and beverages, and millions of other stressors cause the body to poison itself. Self-poisoning causes mental illness, Parkinson’s disease, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD and much more.

In Gaelic, the language of ancient healers, Dia means God. Gnosis means to know. Diagnosis means the gods and God know what’s wrong with patients. The ancient doctors were gods, and they knew how to treat patients so that they would recover. They didn’t drug patients.

Today’s doctors are drugging people and putting them into a stupor. Most psychiatrists and many general doctors don’t know what’s wrong with patients, don’t believe in God, and don’t have enough organic chemistry knowledge to be practicing medicine.

To survive and recover, you have to listen to your inner voice, because science and medical research are corrupt. And when your inner voice says, “I’m sick. I’m not mentally ill” or “I don’t have Parkinson’s disease” or “My wife doesn’t have Alzheimer’s,” listen to your instinct.

I discovered how the body makes hallucinogens, why aluminum is in Alzheimer’s patients, how the soul returns to God, and much more.
To recover from neurodegeneration (Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, autism..) and so-called mental illness (schizophrenia, ADHD, bipolar disorder, OCD…) people need to treat themselves or their family members. People also need to have more faith in themselves and God. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s called natural reality.

How to recover, the biochemical imbalances of so-called mental illness and neurodegeneration, what the soul is, how the soul rises, rebirth of the soul, and much more is explained in The Light.

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