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Media coverage of our 90 Cent "Fundraiser"


Photograph courtesy of juliajamiesonphotography


Hello Supporters,

Just a quick note with some media links from our recent 90 Cent Campaign dinner.  It was a rousing success and the feeling at The Ring Caribbean Restaurant for both seatings was great.  Thank you to all those who supported through attendance, promotion, volunteerism, well-wishes and donations.  This promises to be the first of many unique events we will be holding around the riding. 

If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact me directly using the "Meet Marc" section of this website.  Please continue to spread the word.  Together we go further!

"Layton drops in for 90 cent dinner"
Brant News Video Piece of 90 Cent Dinner:

"Canada let world down in Copenhagen: Layton"
Expositor Article focusing on Copenhagen and the 90 Cent Dinner being different than other "posh" dinners:

"NDP leader says feds 'out of touch"
Brant News Article focusing on Brantford's Manufacturing Economy, Green Hubs, The HST and Seniors:

"NDP fundraiser boosts candidate"
Brant News Article on non-traditional fundraisers:

Happy New Year, We are definitely excited for what 2010 wil bring. Keep your eyes open for more announcements in the future.  Work is already underway and announcements will come early in the new year.

- Marc Laferriere

Federal NDP Candidate for Brant. 

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