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Laferriere endorses Paul Dewar for NDP Leader

From left to right: Brant NDP Secretary Neil MacDonald, Federal NDP Leadership Candidate Paul Dewar, 2011 Federal Candidate Marc Laferriere and Brant Young NDP President Ryan Jamula - all members of Team Dewar.

BRANTFORD- Paul Dewar’s campaign to lead the federal New Democrat’s received another endorsement today from a prominent former federal candidate, small business owner and community organizer, Marc Laferriere.

“No one understands the grassroots like Paul Dewar. Our country and our party will be well served by his ideas and leadership. Paul understands the Canadian struggle,” said Laferriere. “He speaks directly to Canadians and reminds us all that there are better and more inclusive options than those offered by the Harper government. In a time of political cynicism, Paul is another one of those happy warriors that will fight for, and win us, a better, more progressive Canada.”

Laferriere’s 2011 federal campaign in the riding of Brant, received many accolades, including an endorsement by legendary social rights organizer Marshall Ganz, for using an innovate grassroots style that borrowed more from the world of community development than traditional political campaigning. Brant, once thought unwinnable was named the most improved riding in the country by Jack Layton in 2010 for a combination of high profile events, fundraising and social justice activism. During the last quarter of 2010 Laferriere and his team sold more NDP memberships than any other riding in the country. A study by Politwitter & Global News named Laferriere the most engaged NDP candidate on social media during the 2011 federal campaign.

"I'm deeply honoured to have Marc's support," said Dewar. "His unwavering committment, his energy, and his communications skills have made him a rising star in our party."

"Candidates like Marc Laferriere, and ridings like Brant are exactly the kind of ridings we need to target and support in the months and years leading up to the next election," Dewar added. "Brant is a template for the kind of grassroots organization that I believe will earn us the next 70 seats."

Another prominent member of the Dewar team, MP Charlie Angus, had this to say about today’s announcement, “Marc Laferriere is one of the hardest working, grassroots activist in the New Democratic Party. He has the energy and drive that will be needed to help us win government in 2015. We're proud to have Marc on our team.”

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