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New Democrat Vision Statement - Please add your own vision in the comments section and help it grow!


Marc Laferriere and The New Democratic Party believe in economic prosperity and social equality for all Canadians.

Our commitment is reflected in a vision for Canada that emphasizes strong and sustainable economic growth, strong environmental stewardship, equal rights for all, and effective social programs – including universal Medicare – that ensure no Canadian is left behind. New Democrats believe that Canada must be a leading global voice for peace and human rights on the world stage.

The statements below comprise official policy of New Democratic Party of Canada that has been drafted and endorsed by the members of the Party, everyday Canadians like you who support building a greener and more just Canada.

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The economic crisis revealed just how vital social democratic policies are in today’s globalized economy.

After years of under-funding and de-regulation, governments across Canada and around the world are quickly embracing social democratic initiatives to off-set the harmful effects that the economic downturn is having on the middle class and the vulnerable.

New Democrats believe in the intelligent and prudent use of government, not just to respond to economic crises, but to play a leadership role in setting a path for future prosperity.

New Democrats believe that economic prosperity for all citizens can be achieved through proper regulation, strategic investments in physical and social infrastructure and a long-term sustainable economic growth strategy.

New Democrats believe in a comprehensive effort to safeguard the jobs of today and create the jobs of tomorrow by using the fiscal, legal and trade opportunities at Canada’s disposal. Education, skills training and research are the cornerstones to prosperity and innovation in a new energy economy.

Expanding economic freedom and opportunity is achieved, not through large corporations concentrating power and capital, but through thriving small businesses, local community development, and cooperative enterprises, reinforcing strong sectors in our natural resource sectors as well as manufacturing.

Around the world, social democratic governments have successfully shown that the goals of equality and economic well-being are not in conflict rather they depend on each other. A New Democrat government will pursue these goals and build a green and prosperous Canada where no one is left behind.

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A living biosphere and a sustainable environment for future generations are public necessities that require collective action.

Tackling climate change requires incentives for individuals, tough benchmarks for industry and leadership from the federal government.

Future generations are counting on action today. Canadians cannot afford to let economic and financial crises become reasons for inaction on global warming, greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental imperatives.

New Democrats reject the claim of a fundamental contradiction between environmental health and economic growth. Developing green energy industries is an opportunity for a dynamic new era of job creation, building a competitive advantage for Canada in environmental technologies and practices, which in turn help foster innovations in manufacturing.

Reshaping energy policy for the 21st century means moving away from fossil-fuel dependence toward a green energy future by investing in solar, wind, wave, and geothermal sources, working with provinces and territories to share clean energy; and ensuring energy conservation in transportation and building methods.

A New Democrat government will make Canada an environmental leader on the world stage by honouring treaty obligations, incorporating strong environmental standards in trade agreements and ensuring Canadian companies operating abroad will be held to standards and practices that reduce their footprint and leave local ecosystems in good health.
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Democracy in Canada is in urgent need of repair. New Democrats believe it’s vital that trust and confidence in our practices and institutions be restored.

That means making sure Canada’s electoral system truly represents the expressions of voters, ensuring Parliament reflects real party support across Canada. It means cleaning up the appointments process, abolishing the unelected and unnecessary Senate, and eliminating obstacles to the right to cast a ballot. Making Parliament more accountable also means policing lobbyists and protecting public servants who report unethical practices.

New Democrats are committed to the kind of mutual respect among levels of government that is the hallmark of cooperative federalism; that makes collaboration on social and economic policies work, and that ensures the universality of social programs. Respect for each government’s specific areas of jurisdiction is vital to ensuring a healthy democracy.

For New Democrats, cooperative federalism is also asymmetrical federalism; recognizing and encouraging Quebec’s unique national character in North America, with French as the language of daily life and work.

Our federalism supports Quebec’s right to its own progressive economic and social practices, and to the development of its own sense of nationhood.

New Democrats believe in working with Canada’s First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people to move toward self-government in practical, concrete steps, supporting the settlement of land claims, and backing up these actions with investment in the urgent social needs of Aboriginal communities.

There are many ways of being a Canadian. By strengthening political democracy and strengthening Canadian federalism, a New Democrat government will strengthen the bonds that pull our diverse populace and unique communities together into one truly democratic federation, a model that would serve as an inspiration and a worthy example around the globe.

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New Democrats strive to build a society in which every one of its members can reach their full potential. Such progress is judged by how society cares for and supports one another. That means protecting the vulnerable and ensuring that every citizen has access to high quality social programs.

That also means working to keep our communities secure, to ensure our children grow up in a world of mutual respect and safe neighbourhoods. It means taking effective measures when crimes are committed and violence threatens our quality of life.

Nowhere is the commitment to social justice stronger than in our support of public health care. Medicare is fundamental to the way Canada defines itself as a nation and New Democrats are proud to be its founder, its greatest defender and its tireless advocate for improvements. Social democracy is the embodiment of caring for one another and a New Democrat government will ensure that all Canadians prosper and no one is left behind.

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New Democrats are proud of their tradition of upholding the rights of all peoples, especially minorities and disadvantaged groups.

The equality social democrats seek is a precondition for the social participation of all citizens. That’s why New Democrats support both the letter and the spirit of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, recognizing that human dignity requires not just individual civil rights, but economic, social and cultural rights as well. New Democrat government will strengthen the human rights of Canadian citizens.

New Democrats also believe in the ongoing need to strengthen the Canadian identity. Arts and culture enrich individual lives and community identities. It helps tell the stories that place us in our country and in our world. Public support for artists and culture workers ensure that the story of Canada gets told, at home and around the world.

Theatre, film, dance, music, literature, and the visual arts make an immense, often under-appreciated contribution to our economy and employment. That’s why social democrats are committed to supporting and empowering artists and culture workers. And the work they produce improves the quality of life for all of us who seek the nourishment that culture and the arts can provide.

Public broadcasting has been as important for opening Canada up as public rail and air transport. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation must be protected and its administration made more transparent. Foreign ownership and uncompetitive media concentration has squeezed out regional dailies and radio stations. New Democrats will ensure local community broadcasters, and alternative media, are given the encouragement they need. That also means the immense creative and educational possibilities of the Internet must remain freely available to all Canadians.

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One of the defining features of social democracy is solidarity with people around the globe – particularly with the poor and powerless, those facing persecution, and the victims of acts of genocide. New Democrats believe that support for human rights is the central value of an independent foreign policy.

New Democrats believe that Canada has an obligation to share its wealth with the world’s most poor and vulnerable; that we must become a leader for food security, women’s equality, ensuring environmental sustainability, and ending the AIDS pandemic. Fighting for fair trade includes enforceable standards on human and environmental rights in all agreements, and in all international trade bodies. Canadian companies operating overseas must also safeguard the rights of workers and local communities.

New Democrats believe that defense policy should focus on Canada’s rights as a sovereign and effective world citizen – including defending the Arctic and our territorial waters for the benefit of all citizens and future generations. Peace building will be the top military priority of a New Democrat government.

For social democrats, the aspiration to equality among peoples knows no borders. The need is urgent. The world is waiting. A New Democrat government will answer the call with global leadership.

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