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Volunteers provide the energy that drives our organization. Without you, we wouldn’t exist. Without you, the better tomorrow that is possible for Canada would stay just a dream. Your volunteer help is vital to our riding.


The varied work we do means that there are many different volunteer opportunities, no matter what your experience level. We do things like:

  • Hold and arrange public events like talks with guest speakers, round tables, dinners, parties or barbecues. We need help organizing these!
  • Canvass neighbourhoods – both during and between elections
  • Phoning local riding association members to tell them of upcoming events or fundraising
  • Attend fairs, festivals, conferences, etc and staff our information booth. Volunteers can meet people, out flyers and chat with attendees
  • Research work like create information databases, look up material in archives
  • Designing or writing pamphlets, posters and newsletters
  • Distributing brochures or putting up event posters around town
  • Building links between our riding association and local organizations. If you’re a member of an interest group, service club, nongovernmental organization, union, or association, please contact us!
  • ... and of course, working on local election campaigns! We need help distributing and putting up signs, billeting campaign volunteers, organizing and attending campaign events, helping out in the office, donating furniture or equipment, making cookies for hungry campaign workers, phoning constituents, scrutineering during election night, and much, much more.
  • Become a Marc Advocate: agree to spread the word to your family and friends.
  • Host an event on your campus, or host a house party. 
  • Get a few friends together, talk about the reforms that matter to you and yours and have fun. 

If you are interested in taking part and meeting our friendly team, please contact:

Matt LaRocque

Volunteer Coordinator
Tel. 519.751.9111
Email: matt@brantndp.ca

Come out and meet our friendly volunteer team, while working to improve our community. We appreciate your help!