4 Ways To Curl Hair Without Hair Curlers & Curling Irons

You need to create beautiful curls, but handy no curling irons or hair curlers or ironing? Or you just do not want to spoil the beautiful and healthy locks? We know how to cheat without hair curlers and curling means grandmother, and are happy to share this knowledge with you.


This method can be called the fastest.

1. Moisturizes strands clean water.
2. Gather hair into a ponytail.
3. Curl them into a tight tourniquet.
4. We wound into a bundle and fasten the pin.
5. Hours 6-8 unwinding pull out the pin and harness.
6. Beat curls hands and sprinkled with lacquer.

hair curl


If you like to watch old movies, you probably have seen ladies with sticking out in all directions rag curlers . The picture, of course, is quite funny, but as a result you get a resilient curls.

You will need a small piece of any unwanted tissue (preferably x / cotton, synthetics will glide through the hair). Cut strips it and get ready to spend another 10 minutes, or 15 on the procedure itself:

Step 1: My head with shampoo or richly moistened with water.

Step 2: Comb comb them, and divide into thin strands.

Step 3: The tip of each strand put on a rag curlers.

Step 4: Spins it to the ground.

Step 5: To tie the ends of the cloth node and go to the next strand.

Step 6: Wait until the hair is completely dry. This process takes from 6 to 12 watches – it depends on the temperature and the thickness of the strands.

Step 7: Remove the cloth from his head, straighten the curls with your fingers and fix the styling lacquer.


Screw without hair curlers and curling irons can be by conventional pins.

1. Moisturizes hair with water from a spray bottle.
2. We share all the hair into small strands.
3. Each strand is twisted into the same movement as in curlers.
4. After reaching the base, fix a ring or pin invisible.
5. We continue as long as all the locks will not turn into neat ringlets.
6. go to bed with this hair, pre-cover the head scarf.
7. In the morning we take out of hair and invisible studs, untwist the ring, whisk curls hands and fix all the varnish.


Bandages for the hair is often used to create daily and evening hairstyles. Did you know that by using this accessory, you can quickly and easily make curly locks?

1. We put on a bandage made of cloth on his head.
2. Hair, who were under a rubber band, is moistened with water.
3. We share all the hair into thin strands.
4. Curl each strand and to hook flagellum under the gum. The tip of the hide in the lock of the previous.
5. Patiently waiting for a few hours.
6. Dissolve the entire structure and form light curls.


The above 4 explained ways can make your hair curl perfectly without spending any money but it will take your much time in curling your hair. If you are going to buy the hair curler, first read the hair curler reviews and make the comparison of all the best hair curlers and then purchase it. This will make you to purchase the perfect hair curler.

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